Falling in love with pre-loved - Why Op-Shops & Vintage finds are the best

Vintage, Pre Loved & Recycled 
La Luna has recently introduced a Pre-Loved and Vintage Range to our store... And whilst a huge part of this is due to our obsession with thrift shopping,  and wanting to be able to share some of our rad finds with you all... There is another reason why secondhand shopping holds a special place in our hearts. Here at La Luna, we want to create a community that encourages kiwis to make meaningful decisions in regards to consumerism... For us op shopping is just another way that we can make Aotearoa a better place for all - Through choosing to buy items in a way that is more ethical and eco-friendly. As La Luna purchases all its finds from charitable stores and then donates 10% of each sale towards our passion projects, when you shop in our vinatage store, part of your money will be donated towards valuable charities and communities who need it most. Below we pull apart why we fell in love with pre-loved finds and why you should too!! 
Raised by my secondhand shop loving mother, it’s fair to say that I myself have become a little addicted to the rush of the good old bargain hunt in an op-shop. What better a way to spend some quality time with your friends, mothers and most definitely grandmothers... than to head off to your favourite thrift stores and flick through stacks of colourful garments, browse endless over flowing shelves filled to the brim with trinkets and treasures, or to purchase all the vintage trimmings for that dream home you can’t actually afford to buy. 
But aside from the obvious fun of hunting down that dreamy dress or rad new side table... Why shop second hand?? 
• The biggest reason for shopping second hand is plain & simple - It’s good for the planet!!! It’s easy to get into a never ending cycle of consumerism and the purchasing of  ‘one use’ items, that soon become waste. We live in a society full of 24/7 advertising, which can quite often target our insecurities and lead us to believe that certain items can make us a better person. The development of inexpensive textiles and cheap labour, has meant that the market place has grown excessively over the last few years. Ultimately we are lead into a negative cycle - We want, buy and wear/use (and sometimes not even use)... then dispose of. Yet with op-shopping, we can give a second, third, fourth... etc life to garments, home decor, jewellery and so much more! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. You’ll feel better for it! 
• Most material items that you purchase are made by real humans, and the unfortunate reality is that many of these people are subjected to horrific working conditions and inadequate pay. Now this is an incredibly complex issue, that has many diverse implications... But if you are worried about making ethical decisions, then op-shopping is a fantastic alternative. Yes this item may have originally come from a factory where the above working conditions are at play... but by giving it a second life, these efforts are made more valuable. 
• It’s just that little bit more special...  Quite often op shop finds are items that are one of the last of there kind. Therefore, when you shop second hand, you are scoring something that is unique. Think about the stories behind the piece that you are purchasing and the new life you are about to give it! Every item has a story and often you’ll find products that are truely one of a kind.
Why buy new when there are so many incredible items out there needing a new home! Walk a little lighter knowing that you are doing your part, by making more ethical and sustainable decisions. 
(Sourced - Cleo Wade)

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