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As we submerge ourselves into the annual Fashion Revolution Week of 2020 - We are all being urged to use our voice and ask... WHO MADE OUR CLOTHES? To think beyond the garment, to address conscience consumerism and to make informed decisions.

On the 24th of April, 2013 - The Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed, killing 1,138 people and injuring a further 2,500. The eight-story commercial factory collapsed due to a structural failure... due to the reality of the poor labour conditions faced by workers. With the mostly young woman workers safety, not taken into consideration.

Since this terrible and preventable tragedy occurred, individuals and organisations from all around the globe have taken a stand. Death and injury should not be a reality of the fashion industry, and the only way we can make a change... is if we are active in demanding one - through refusing current realities, striving for ethical, equal and safe practices, and not settling for anything less.
The Fashion Revolution is a leader in this field, fighting for a positive change which involves absolute transparency, traceability and openness from all fashion related industries. As mentioned earlier, this year the movement is encouraging us all to ask the hard questions, who made my clothes?
So, in honour of this incredible organisation and their movement... La Luna wanted to share a little more about our story. From the start we have promised to be 100% transparent in all that we do, sharing how we do what we do, where we work and where your products come from... and the most important... who is part of the process, and the collective La Luna Team! But, we thought that it was time to go a little more in depth & to put all this information in one place to make it easily accessed by our customers! 

Who makes our Up-Cycled Range - 
Up-cycling is at the heart of La Luna, and makes up the largest part of our product collections. Up-cycling is an incredible ethical and sustainable practice, preventing the amount of waste that we discard and also showing a deeper appreciation for garments that were originally made in potentially unethical conditions, by giving them a well loved life. Through up-cycling, re-purposing and reinventing practices, we remove the need to produce new or raw materials, and in turn are cutting down on air pollution, water pollution, landfill use, and even greenhouse gas emissions.
All products that fall under our 'Up-Cycled' Collections are made by both Nadia and Elke - The La Luna team. These are made here in NZ, in our Kumeu studio, using textiles that are sourced from local charity shops, donations and off cuts from the bigger fashion fish. We love giving worn, torn and old pieces a new look - Sometimes this is simply a job of fixing up an already great products... and other times this involves us cutting, chopping and pulling a part pieces till they are back in their textile form, and then putting them back together to create something completely new!

Who makes our Handmade Macrame Earrings and Crochet Tops - 
Again... Handmade in NZ!! We are very lucky to know an array of talented individuals who have helped us along our journey... but Hope, has most definitely been one of the biggest inspirations and contributors to La Luna!
Hope is one of my (Nadia's) school friends, an incredible Mum of son, and occasional La Luna model Joe, and a very talented creator! Hope hand makes all of our macrame earrings and crochet tops from her home in West Auckland. These take time, effort and a lot of patience and each piece is unique and special. You can buy crochet thats come off a machine everywhere - but these are made by hand, locally and with love!! Most importantly, these are made to last.

Who makes La Luna the Label - 
Travelling, is most definitely a passion shared by Nadia and Elke. On our most recent travels to Bali, we were lucky to walk into a beautiful clothing studio... we weren't even considering a clothing range for La Luna, but when we left, we left with a wholesale order.
 We work closely with the awesome Balinese Fashion Entrepreneur - Tina, to design, create, and put together collections for La Luna. All clothes are made in fair conditions by a small team of balinese people, Tina assures us on this, and regularly sends us photos of the studio, with the incredibly talented individuals who make our garments. Through having our clothing made by Tina and her artisans, we are able to provide work and training for Balinese Woman and Men - who have built this business up from the ground. We love that this business is balinese owned, with the money staying in Bali and supporting local people! All threads come from Bali and Java, again keeping it local. We can also do small runs of clothing (10 at a time), ensuring that we are not creating dead stock, and selling all that is made!


Who makes our Sustainable Homeware and Decor -

As mentioned earlier, the La Luna Team has a huge desire to travel the world, and this is most definitely driven by all the incredible people we get to meet along the way, that teach us so much, allow us to learn about their culture and traditions in a personal way, and who welcome us into their world with open arms. When travelling to Vietnam and Bali, we were lucky to meet a fantastic bunch of locals who have worked hard to build their own small, yet thriving businesses. 

It only seemed fair to share their creative talent and sustainable practices with all of you, so we slowly started sharing their products on our website, and over the past year and a bit... our range of sustainable products has grown, and we have been able to support these well deserving businesses more and more. 
Products are made by artisans we have meet and their friends, and we pay a fair price for all products. Like with all products we source/get made over seas - we are consistently researching and questioning ethics and sustainability along the way.

Who makes our Bath, Body and Beauty -
Bath, Body and Beauty products, and what goes into the making, testing, sourcing and creating of these products is a very vast topic... so we are going to try to stick to the point with the main facts that we think you'd like to know!
  1. We get all the raw whole food ingredients to make our bath body and beauty products from the New Zealand owned and operated wholesaler 'pure nature'. Run by a small and experienced team, which provides top quality products. Every product must meet our strict standards for quality, sustainability and purity before it is approved for sale. They also hold high ethical standards of practice and are a 100% transparent trader - allowing us to make informed decisions on what we purchase... which we do!

  2. Every single one of our bath, body and beauty products is handmade by Nadia and Elke - The La Luna Team. We use trusted organic certified recipes and test all products on ourselves before selling. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES would we ever test a product on an animal. 

  3. All packaging for our products is also sourced through Pure Nature or it is sourced through up-cycling and recycling companies. 



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