Honey Bear Reusable Wraps - Up cycled Materials "Moana"
Honey Bear Reusable Wraps - Up cycled Materials "Moana"
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Honey Bear Reusable Wraps - Up cycled Materials "Moana"

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Hand crafted, reusable food wraps. Made using NZ honey here in Oratia, Auckland and stunning pieces of up-cycled and sterilised material! There will only be a couple of each style, so get in quick! Due to materials being limited we may also only have one or two sizes available.

Our Range of beautiful wraps come in many different sizes and shapes, to cater for a range of uses. We have snack wraps & sandwich wraps for lunchboxes, as well as circular wraps in two convenient sizes - Our jar and small bowl covers are perfect for jars, mugs or ramekins and our regular bowl covers for cereal bowls or our coconut bowls. You can find our larger wraps, in our large bowl or platter section.

Size Guide:

Round Wraps:
Regular Bowl Covers: (x1) 25cm Diameter 

Use and Care Guide:

To use: Simply Cover your food/plate/bowl with the honey bear wrap. Push down with your hands - applying slight pressure to seal. The heat from your hands will help the wrap to stick tight. Alternatively for snacks/sandwiches, you can fold the sides down around your food and press to seal.

To clean: Clean in warm soapy water - Do not put in the dishwasher or scrub. Leave to air dry. (DO NOT wash with hot water as this will melt the wax).

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