The La Luna Project

Live simply, give generously & consume mindfully.
La Luna... Goods that are good for you, whilst also being good for the world around us. 
Karma... the good kind. It encourages us to act kindly and to think beyond ourselves. Essentially I wanted to produce a project that made it easy and accessible for everyday people to make a change. La Luna is a small business with a big dream. A portion of what you pay for each product, will be donated towards The La Luna Project, with the hope to create not only equality but equity for those who deserve it most. As well as being a charitable business, we also want to make sure that our impact on Aotearoa is purely positive. With that, we will strive to be a sustainable business that also celebrates conscious consumerism. Therefore our products will all be eco-friendly, NZ made or ethically sourced - So that our customers and planet, are receiving the best.



Going forward... 

Thanks to our team of 5 million, Aotearoa has managed to stick together, do whats right, and overcome some pretty scary times!! 

BUT... this does not mean, that things are back to 'normal'... and for a lot of Kiwi Kids & their families, who are living below the poverty line in Aotearoa... The loss of work and income, will be hitting hard.

Regular weekly shops for the bare essentials, may have become even more of a stretch than usual, so many necessities could be left out of the trolley... 
Meaning our most vulnerable will become more vulnerable.

Now more than ever, us Kiwi's need to stick together and support those who need it in our community!! The La Luna project will continue to focus on creating & distributing care packs, providing essentials to communities in need... but demand is high, so we need your help!! 

We are currently working with schools to develop packs that hit the current needs of their students - We have decided that the most useful packs at this time are both our period care packs, supporting young woman health at this already scary time... & our stationary packs - Ensuring children have what they need to make the most out of their learning for 2020 and are set up if we move back into isolated learning.

The La Luna Project 2020

At the heart of La Luna is the La Luna Project. A portion of each sale we make though La Luna, goes into helping those who need it most. Between 10% - 50% of our sales (depending on the individual product) gets donated back into the La Luna Project.

The La Luna Project strives to provide school children around NZ who are living under the poverty line, with the necessities they need to grow, learn and flourish.

Currently we are focusing on the creation and distribution of these packs:

  • Period Poverty Care Packs: It’s honestly just plain ridiculous, that this is a problem that many of the wonderful Wahine of Aotearoa face. Feeling comfortable, clean & healthy is a basic human right. These packages include, sanitary items, spare underwear, some gentle handcrafted soap, chocolate & a little information pack with tips on self care etc.
  • Snack Packs: Fuelling the brain with regular meals and water, could not be more important to the developmemt of a growing little brain. We want to make sure that no Kiwi Kid is deprived of the basic essentials during their learning day - So we have put together some packs of snacks, that are sure to provide our youth with the energy they need, to get the most out of their learning! These Packs will include 5-6 items made up of a range of healthy, energy filled and most importantly yummy snack foods (Depending on availability).
  • Stationary Packs: It's the simple essentials that can get in the way of our children thriving, flourishing and growing in school - No child should be missing out due to a lack of resources. Our stationary packs are designed to set any child up for the new year with essentials such as books, pens, resources, calculators, school bags, lunch boxes and whatever else they may need. During winter we add a rain poncho into these packs as well.

Want to help out? Gift a pack through

Black Lives Matter Campaign Fundraising 

During June, La Luna's Thrifts donated 20% of each sale towards
This is an incredible movement to fight for Freedom, Liberation, Justice and to fight to end State-sanctioned violence... ending white supremacy forever.

2020 Australian Bush Fire Crisis
February Fundraising with La Luna for the Red Cross AU.


 We have decided to support the incredible work done by Red Cross AU ( in supporting those affected by the horrific Australian bush fires! For the past week La Luna has donated 20% of each sale to the RCAU. Until the end of Jan 10% of all La Luna Sales will be donated to the cause. You can donate either via our fund-raising page or directly at

Your donation helps Red Cross give people the support they need in disasters, whenever and wherever they happen. 

 Valentines Day with Prepair NZ

(via @prepairnz)

Prepair NZ is an incredible online community that strives to support young woman to safely navigate their way through safe and healthy relationships both with others and themselves. Started by the wonderful Irene - An expert in emotional abuse and leading advocate of self-love.

This Valentines (Month of Feb) we will be donating towards her incredible organisation through sales of products in our Valentines Collection!

Find out more at 

The La Luna Project - Christmas Edition 2018 & 2019

Each year La Luna strives to support families who need it most in our communities. Christmas should be a time filled with love, cheer and celebration... and we want to do our part to ensure that all Kiwi's get to experience a little extra aroha during these sometimes testing times.

2018 - We raised much needed funds to support incredible organisations such as Give a Blanket, The Woman's Refuge and The ACM in their efforts to support Kiwi Families over the festive season through housing, gifts and food!

2019 - La Luna created and distributed care packs, food and gifts for families in need this Christmas. In order to make sure that these little parcels really help those who need it - we sent them to both the Auckland City Mission and the De Paul House (St Vinnies). 

How we got here?

We started in October 2018! Selling soaps from instagram and donating a portion of each sale we made to our "Passion Project Fund" Which we then donated to a range of charities around NZ such as TWR, The Auckland City Mission and treats for those living tough over Christmas. Inspired by all the amazing kindness being poured out by fellow Kiwis, we wanted to pay it forward with our own Charity! Being a trained Primary School teacher myself, I saw first hand some of the harsh realities our children were facing... and wanted to see a change. And so, the La Luna Project began!