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The La Luna Project

Live simply, give generously & consume mindfully.
La Luna... Goods that are good for you, whilst also being good for the world around us. 
Karma... the good kind. It encourages us to act kindly and to think beyond ourselves. Essentially I wanted to produce a project that made it easy and accessible for everyday people to make a change. La Luna is a small business with a big dream. A portion of what you pay for each product, will be donated towards The La Luna Project, with the hope to create not only equality but equity for those who deserve it most. As well as being a charitable business, we also want to make sure that our impact on Aotearoa is purely positive. With that, we will strive to be a sustainable business that also celebrates conscious consumerism. Therefore our products will all be eco-friendly, NZ made or ethically sourced - So that our customers and planet, are receiving the best.


The La Luna Project 

At the heart of La Luna is the La Luna Project. A portion of each sale we make though La Luna, goes into helping those who need it most. Between 10% - 50% of our sales (depending on the individual product) gets donated back into the La Luna Project.

The La Luna Project strives to provide school children around NZ who are living under the poverty line, with the necessities they need to grow, learn and flourish.

Currently we are focusing on the creation and distribution of two packs.

Period Poverty Care Packs: It’s honestly just plain ridiculous, that this is a problem that many of the wonderful Wahine of Aotearoa face. Feeling comfortable, clean & healthy is a basic human right. These packages include, sanitary items, spare underwear, some gentle handcrafted soap, chocolate & a little information pack with tips on self care etc.

Warm Woolies Pack: These include a beanie and two pairs of socks, keeping the smallest Kiwis warm from head to toe! Both of these are then sent to and stored in sickbays & classrooms around NZ, and given out whenever needed. 

If you would like to donate a little extra help us post and deliver these packs - then click the link below!

How we got here?

We started in October 2018! Selling soaps from instagram and donating a portion of each sale we made to our "Passion Project Fund" Which we then donated to a range of charities around NZ such as TWR, The Auckland City Mission and treats for those living tough over Christmas. Inspired by all the amazing kindness being poured out by fellow Kiwis, we wanted to pay it forward with our own Charity! Being a trained Primary School teacher myself, I saw first hand some of the harsh realities our children were facing... and wanted to see a change. And so, the La Luna Project began!