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Passion Project

Live simply, give generously & consume mindfully.
La Luna... Goods that are good for you, whilst also being good for the world around us. 
Karma... the good kind. It encourages us to act kindly and to think beyond ourselves. Essentially I wanted to produce a project that made it easy and accessible for everyday people to make a change. La Luna is a small business with a big dream. A portion of what you pay for each product, will be donated towards a passion project. The passion project donation fund will frequently change... Supporting a range of different charities and initiatives. We aim to reach out to local and nation wide causes, organisations, schools and individuals, with the hope to create not only equality but equity for those who deserve it most. As well as being a charitable business, we also want to make sure that our impact on Aotearoa is purely positive. With that, we will strive to be a sustainable business that also celebrates conscious consumerism. Therefore our products will all be eco-friendly, NZ made or ethically sourced - So that our customers and planet, are receiving the best.


Current Passion Project 



It’s honestly just plain ridiculous, that this is a problem that many of the wonderful Wahine of Aotearoa face. Feeling comfortable, clean & healthy is a basic human right.
La Luna couldn’t be more excited to be working towards the release, of care packages for young woman in schools in early 2019. These packages will include sanitary items, spare underwear, some gentle handcrafted soap, some chocolate OFCOURSE & a little information pack with tips on self care etc.

These will be stored in sickbays & classrooms and given out whenever needed. So with that, from the 1st of Jan 2019, a portion of each sale will be going directly into these packs 💕 

If you would like to donate a little extra help us post and deliver these packs - then click the link below!


Conscious Consumerism; The consideration, awareness and understanding of the social, environmental and ecological impact, of our own individual purchasing decisions 🍃

Fast fashion is everywhere, it’s accessible & affordable - And something that over the years, has become the norm (I’m guilty of it, so there’s definitely no fingers being pointed here)... The truth is, being a conscious shopper isn’t always easy - or cheap for that matter. So here at La Luna, we want to make a change, by providing our customers with some slightly more sustainable alternatives... A way for us everyday folk to be able to purchase that one off, handmade and sustainable item... A way to give gorgeous old items a new life 🙌🏼

Arohanui, La Luna xx