Give a Stationary Pack
Give a Stationary Pack
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Give a Stationary Pack

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Purchase one of our Stationary Packs, on behalf of a Kiwi Kid, who would otherwise go without.

Fuelling the brain with regular meals and water, could not be more important to the developmemt of a growing little brain. We want to make sure that no Kiwi Kid is deprived of the basic essentials during their learning day - So we have put together some packs of snacks, that are sure to provide our youth with the energy they need, to get the most out of their learning!

These Packs will include 5-6 items made up of a range of healthy, energy filled and most importantly yummy snack foods (Depending on availability).

EG) Nuts and Seeds, Popcorn, Corn Chips, Wholemeal Cookies or Crackers, Muesli Bars, Bliss Balls, Oat Biscuits and Bars, Coconut Water, OVI Water or 100% Apple or Orange Juice. The 6th item will be fruit, we will give this to the school separately so that they can add this to the bags when they go out and ensure they are still ripe!

The average person should eat 6 times a day - 3 main meals and 3 health snacks... Just like a car, our body needs fuel, so as our children jump, learn and play, they need regular energy bursts full of good carbs, protein, vitamins, healthy fats and fibre! And thats what we help to provide! There are lots of incredible initiatives providing Breakfast for school Children and Lunch... But we wanted to fill those must needed morning and afternoon tea gaps!! 

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